Gamers prefer Hexa Core CPUs These Days

Hexa-core CPU numbers are up 1.19% since February, which is the highest they’ve been since November last year. At a staggering 36.39 percent, quad-core CPUs from Intel or AMD were the dominant Steam user base, while hexacore CPUs came in second at 31.98 percent.

In line with Computer Repairs Anstead that six-core CPUs seem to be the most popular among PC gamers around the globe. A little over 34.22 percent have at least one hexacore CPU. Quad-core CPUs are second at 33.74 percent. Eight-core CPU users make up 17.72 percent of Steam’s current user base.

Six cores have been more popular than ever before, and it currently sits at the top of the list. Quad-cores are the only core configuration that hasn’t grown as fast, with dual-cores dropping 0.74 percent from 10.47 percent market share and strange configurations like three cores (0.01 percent to 0.53%) and five cores (0.02 percent to 0.53%), which still have a tiny 0.02 percent market share.

Linus Tech Tips, a YouTube channel, posted a video last year that examined the performance of four-core Intel and AMD processors in PC gaming. The conclusion was that quad-cores still offer a compelling value for money, so you don’t need to purchase the most recent and greatest chips.

Their video made it clear, however, that modern games require at least four cores and eight Threads. This applies to both AMD’s Ryzen 3s and older Intel Core i7 chips. They each have four cores with eight threads. This is because only four cores and four threads are being used in modern games, just like the old Intel Core i5 CPUs.