The Best Website Builders for 2017

The fact is that every day, free site builders multiply and this get you as one of users of sites across the globe confused. Without any bottleneck and as long as you need it, free website builders allow you to use the website. Your website may not be bad but the functionality may not be very much.


Among the most popular and the best of web builder is WIX. It specialises on search engines HTML5 sites. WIX will always serve as an elixir to cure your yearn for advanced and drag and drop website editor a collection of website templates the look professional as well as other categories of templates you may like to use.


WebsiteBuilder serves the purpose of established businesses as well as starts-up in achieving the aim of building websites that are mobile friendly. WebsiteBuilder adds a feather to its cap as it contains features like: over 10,000 template combinations, analytics tools, social media integration, as well as the ability to launch on one click. You can upload the content of your site through the drag and drop interface and by tweaking the HTML or CSS coding. WebsiteBuilder has free starter plan and other packages therein also for free other ads credit, hosting, plus domain services.

IM Creator

This comes it in-built e-commerce tools as well as hosting options. It is easy to use and also professional. If you are a beginner and you want to create interactive website and achieve a strong web presence, this website is actually an elixir for your aims. You do not even have to go the hard way of stuffing your brain with some programming codes or acquiring any software skills. Just by clicking you can build sites for ecommerce and e-stores. It also contains Google Analytics, SEO tools and strong e-commerce solutions powered by ShopRocket; with these you can create site that are mobile friendly and optimised for Google.


You cannot believe that within minutes, you as an entrepreneur can build your own website. It has an editor which is friendly to a user. This editor has a wide variety of templates, layouts that you can customise to your taste and attractive images that will bring your website to visibility. This package also enables the creation of portfolios, e-commerce stores, as well as forms that you could decide to customise as willed.