Which Laptop Should You Buy MacBook Pro vs. Dell XPS 15

Processor The quad-core i5-7300HQ processor is housed in the Dell XPS 15. The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, houses a quad core Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost. The MacBook processor is the clear winner over both devices, as it has a core processor i7 that’s faster than the core processor i5 on the Dell laptop. The MacBook Pro comes with 16GB RAM and the Dell laptop has 8GB. Dell allows users to increase this RAM to 32 GB. This clearly shows that the Dell laptop is the better choice. Apple’s 16GB RAM limit on its laptop has […]

Children today see a computer 1970s era

Since the DOS days with the black screen and green text, we’ve come a long ways. An iPhone can do 100 times more than an Apple II computer. Those years were the foundation for today’s smartphones, ultra-thin laptops, and 24/7 Internet-connected lifestyles. What would the Internet age’s children think? The Fine Brothers, a YouTube comedy group, published a new episode of their Kids React series. It shows children aged 6-12 reacting to an Apple II from 1970s. This is one of the most technologically advanced and commercially successful computers of all time. What were their reactions? Hilarious, predictably. They couldn’t […]

Surface Book

Microsoft today introduced the first ever laptop made exclusively by Microsoft at the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices event. It is the Microsoft Surface Book. Microsoft asked specifically how it could reinvent utility and even the basic idea of the average laptop. The answer was “What if we could do to laptops what we did to tablets?” It weighs in at 1.6 pounds, making it the lightest and most portable PC ever made. Microsoft’s laptop comes with a dynamic hinge that allows for full clipboard access. Microsoft claims the Surface Book offers the best typing experience, boasting back-lit keys, a “best-in […]

Ransomware Attack on PC Hardware

Ransomware hackers have attacked Gigabyte, a PC hardware company. This is the latest in a series of data breaches that have been occurring in the global tech sector. Ransom Exx, a hacker group, allegedly carried out the ransomware attack. They claim to have stolen data from the servers of the company, Mashable reports. The ransom page shows that the group threatened to release 112 GB sensitive company data from Gigabyte if the payment is not made. Although the ransomware attack was quite recent, Gigabyte claims that only a handful of internal servers were affected. These servers are now online again, […]

Microsoft new system is working on a new laptop that will match the user’s eye distance

Microsoft is working on a new laptop that will match the user’s eye distance and viewing angle. The specs of the alleged new laptop were revealed by the giant software and gadget maker Microsoft in a patent filed earlier this month. Gizmo China has revealed a new technology that allows for an automatically-adjusting display. This innovation allows the laptop to adjust to the user’s position within the display. The new notebook is also able to change its orientation so that the user has the best view angle. The laptop will be greatly appreciated by people who work for longer hours […]

The Dangers of using Public WiFi

He warned that any unsuspecting users who clicked the made-up download button could potentially install a virus that gives the hacker complete access to a computer without the user’s knowledge. Browsing secured websites is also compromised when a hacker gains access to your computer, with Linkert demonstrating how secured sites or URLs start with an HTTPS, switches to a non-secure site, and allows hackers to see “everything you’re doing.” A fake page that tricks unsuspecting users to install RAT on their computers. Linkert showed in another video, which was divided into two parts, how hackers use a now-defunct Remote Access […]

USB Killer can destroy any equipment with a USB port

If your computer is plugged in, the ‘USB killer’ will fry it. A “USB Killer” is the threat. It looks just like a regular USB drive. The device was created by Dark Purple, a Russian security researcher. The USB Drive is not intended to be used for file transfer, but instead it sends out an electric bolt that damages the computer. Dark Purple claims that the USB Killer can destroy any equipment with a USB port. The technical details of the device are still unknown so be careful. However, it appears that the device can discharge “minus 220” voltages through […]

How to check your computer’s GPU

All computers are equipped with graphics hardware that can handle everything from high-quality displays on desktops to decoding videos and rendering PC games. Modern PCs are equipped with graphics processing units (also known as GPUs), made by NVIDIA or AMD. However, it can be difficult to remember which model you have. How to Check Your Computer’s GPU According to HowtoGeek, RAM and CPU are important, but the GPU is crucial for playing PC games. Some computers are equipped with low-power integrated or onboard graphics while others have more powerful dedicated or discrete graphic cards. This is how to find out […]

Computer Show

Technology is here to stay. However, not everyone understands the technology we take as a given today. For example, Roxana Altamirano and Adam Lisagor from Sandwich have recorded a series of videos called Computer Show. This is a talk-show that was started in 1983 with guests starting in 2015. These videos are great for anyone who needs a little assistance in understanding the technology world. Check out Computer Repairs Belmont offers nothing but the best desktop computer repairs in the whole area of Belmont and nearby Brisbane suburbs. The show’s 1983 setting means there is plenty to see in terms […]

Apples iPhone and iPad

On the first day of sales in Germany of the Apple iPhone 6, customers can expect new Apple iPhone 6 phones at the Apple Store in Berlin, Germany. Many people waited in line for hours to get the chance to purchase the new iPhone 6 Plus. Apple introduced a new monthly model in 2019 for its extended warranty AppleCare. Apple also released its iPhone Upgrade Program in 2015, These services share many similarities to hardware subscriptions. The transition from iPhone and iPad to subscriptions for hardware is not yet confirmed. Try Computer Repairs Bardon can help you to setup and […]