Here are some Effective ways to Organize and Speed up your Personal Computers

There are effective ways to speed up and organize your computer on the ‘National Clean Your Digital Desktop’ Day National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day” has arrived. Here are some effective ways to organize and speed up your personal computers. According to the National Day Calendar’s earlier report, this special day encourages everyone manage their virtual desktops. It takes place every year on the third Monday in October. This special event will focus on how many programs and files are saved on your computer or laptop, rather than those factors that can impact the speed or responsiveness of your device. […]

How to Backup Your Computer Data Easily

Your computer is essential for most of the tasks you do at work, school, and in your personal life. Apart from the files you use to accomplish these tasks, your computer often stores your data. Imagine your computer suddenly reaching the end of its useful life or getting infected by a virus or malware that wipes out all your data. This could be very catastrophic, especially if you don’t have a backup. Here are some ways to backup your data. External storage devices are one of the most popular ways to backup your computer’s data. You can use your computer’s […]

The new MacBook Air is cheaper and more efficient

The tech world is excited by the potential of Apple’s new thin laptop computer, amid fresh MacBook Air rumors. Don’t be too optimistic, industry observers have stated that the Apple Air 2 will not get a significant upgrade to its processors. Many are now puzzled as to why Apple is moving forward with the MacBook Air, but not giving it the “wow” factor it had when it first launched. Apple still wants to be a big player in the summer market and hopes that the thinner laptop will give consumers more options when trying to find the perfect laptop. The […]

What is No-Code?

No Code: What Is It? Anyone who is interested in the future software and how computers will interact with each other in the next few years will have heard of “no-code” platforms. No-Code isn’t only the future, it’s also available right now. What is No-Code? No-code, at its most basic, is exactly what it sounds. It’s programming without the use of code, regardless of whether you are looking for websites, apps on mobile devices, full programs or scripts according to HowtoGeek. This means that anyone, even novice tech writers, can create something online and assume it will work. Companies that […]

How to fix Apple iPad is not charging from your computer

You can plug your iPad into your computer but you might have noticed a message saying “Not Charging” on the iPad’s screen. Find out why this message appears and how you can fix it. It’s not enough current Many USB ports on computers don’t supply enough current to charge an iPad with the screen still on. You will notice a message stating that the USB port is not charging your iPad while it is on, just below the battery icon. To charge your iPad at a satisfactory speed, you will need between 10 and 20 watts of power depending on […]

Effective TikTok hashtag will attract viewers’ attention

A catchy and effective TikTok hashtag will attract viewers’ attention. It is a symbol that draws attention to a specific topic on the platform. With this in mind, nearly all words can be made into a hashtag on TikTok. But how do you make your feed stand out with a meaningful hashtag? Do you want to be the top TikTok user for your content? This article will help you. Before we get into the steps of creating a viral TikTok #hashtag, let’s first understand its importance. These hashtags, according to Later Blog are essential because they allow users to see […]

Fix Those Troublesome Issues Troubleshooting PC Problems

The new year begins with a new computer for millions, but many others will continue to use what they have for at most for a while. If you’re willing to ride out the year with your workhorse computer for a while longer, this is a great time to bring that machine back to life and get rid of any lingering issues. Pop-ups are annoying but not to be ignored as they don’t usually disable or cripple computers. Pop-ups can be dangerous because they open up doors to malware-laden sites and phishing attempts. To ensure nothing is rogue, check each browser’s […]

Spying On Your Laptop or PC While Working At Home

Working from home is a great option, especially since there is an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It allows you to use and take breaks throughout the day to run errands, take a nap, and do some laundry. However, this also forced some companies to use tools that can track their employees since they sensed that managing a workforce outside of the office, and not under their watchful eyes, is quite hard. Some tools online can be used to track employees during their working hours. What is Hubstaff? One of these is the software is called Hubstaff, which can be installed on […]

Transform Computer from Asus

The case is often the most boring part of building computers. There are many models that have lights and fancy designs, but they’re not very interesting. It is crucial to build a computer with a case. You need to ensure that all the parts fit together. However, few people would say they have ever been excited about a computer’s chassis. A unique manufacturer is all that’s needed to make people excited about a new case. Asus and In Win have teamed up to make this happen. But what is the secret to their unique chassis? Cases already come with lights, […]

Windows 10 Computers Have Worms

The United States Department of Homeland Security warns that a “worm” could infect your Windows 10 computer. Reports suggest that this virus is similar to the 2017 Russian cyberattack “WannaCry.” These are some of the possible outcomes, as well as ways to prevent them. Windows 10 Computers Have Worms. Here’s what it can do to you WARNING: A ‘Worm” was discovered in Windows 10 Computers, and it is a privacy-threat, according to Homeland Security DailyMail UK reported Tuesday, June 9th that a bug in Windows 10 may be affecting privacy. After exploit code that hackers published online was believed to […]