Proper Way to Clean Your Laptop

As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness, and given all that has been going on in the world today, keeping things clean and sanitized has become more important than ever. That applies more so to things you regularly use, like your laptop and even your smartphone, which you probably use multiple times a day on a daily basis. Cleaning your laptop properly involves more than just wiping the screen with tissue paper or wipes. It involves properly cleaning the keyboard, the touchpad, and every other inch of your laptop. We’re about to show you how to clean your laptop […]

Apple’s New iPad Patent hints at Future Tablets that Work Like a Mac

Apple New iPad Patent Some patent filings are successful, but others remain concepts or ideas that never see the light. According to a 9to5Mac news report, however, Apple’s latest patent filing seems to confirm earlier rumors that it is developing a MacBook and iPad hybrid. According to the news outlet, multiple rumors indicate that a hybrid MacBook/iPad device is in development. According to MacRumors, Mark Gurman (a Bloomberg journalist) previously suggested the idea of an iPad with a Pro mode. According to him, the “Pro” option is activated once the Apple tablet is connected to an external display or keyboard. […]

Apple’s Magic Keyboard With Built-In Mac: What Can You Expect?

Patent drawings indicate that the new computer concept will carry the same design as the Magic Keyboard. Tom’s Hardware pointed out that one cable can be used for all things: power, external display, third-party storage and power. Apple’s patent filing suggests that the Magic Keyboard with Mac has an active fan and a body that can be thermally conductive to avoid heat. The new computer concept is likely to be powerful, as M1 MacBooks don’t have active fans but still perform well. Visit Apple Repairs Meadowbrook offers a most affordable solution to restore your broken Mac and make it work […]

Apple iMac Pro: Was it a Good Computer for You?

Apple officially removed the most powerful and expensive version of its iMac Pro on Friday, March 19. This is the only black finish available for the desktop that runs macOS. Apple’s iMac Pro is a classic device, because it offered one of the most powerful suits a Mac computer could offer, paired with the best Intel. The Cupertino giant’s most powerful desktop was first unveiled in 2017. It has been available in regular production since then. It was released in 2017, almost four years later, and has since been removed from Apple’s stores and website without any proper goodbye. Apple […]

A new computer architecture inspired by Human Brain Will Help to Advance AI Tech

As Intelligent As The Human Brain In the latest design, researchers merged the memory and processing components of a computer. Computers that are typical have central processors which is responsible for executing logic as well as computing tasks including memory units with mass storage, as well as out and input devices. The human brain does not require all the same components. The synapses are used as processing and storage units. Combining the processor and memory unit is much more efficient, and could reduce power consumption. Visit Computer Repairs Geebung offers nothing but the best desktop computer repairs in the whole […]

Best Tools for Computer Maintenance

In our digital age computers play an integral part in our infrastructure as well as industries and business environments. This is also true for our daily lives. We make use of computers for crucial tasks. In this regard, maintenance is an essential aspect that every computer user has to know about. In order to keep your computer running smoothly, you require tools for maintenance. These tools for computer maintenance will be the subject of our discussion. Our research began with a specific objective in mind: to determine the best computer maintenance tools in 2019. We put more importance on maintenance […]

Microsoft Detects grave security vulnerabilities on Android Device

It is believed that the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team discovered the flaws in September of last year. In a blog entry called “Android applications with millions of downloads are vulnerable to serious vulnerabilities” The team stated the flaws could have been used to launch serious attacks against target devices which could lead to a the device being taken over in part as well as data theft. The researchers also pointed out that, just as pre-installed or default apps on Android smartphones, affected applications aren’t completely uninstalled or disabled unless you have permission to root the device. It is believed […]

General Information on Securing Dell Computer Repairs

If you have a Dell computer and you need computer repairs or service information the obvious place to start is Dell’s own support website, the details of which are given at the bottom of this page. On that page, you can find a knowledge base, manuals, and drivers as well as sometimes being able to obtain updated software for your machine. You just need to put the serial number of your machine into the search box, and it will tell you what updates are available. Most Dell computers automatically update their drivers and Dell software, in a similar way to […]

Computer Repair Service Marketing

How to Turn Your Computer Repair Website into a Lead Generation Machine Every business needs a good website, especially if you are in the computer repair business such as Computer Wizard Brisbane site. Your website serves as your virtual storefront and as a path for prospective customers to find you. Of course, now that every small computer repair service has a website, the challenge is to get your website to stand out and to actively generate new business for you rather than just passively relaying information. After all, the goal of any online marketing or advertising initiative for a business […]

Making sure Your Home Computer Safe

Home computer repair is the hottest phrase these days. With a large number who own a personal computer at home, and more and more are choosing to fix their computer by themselves instead of having it repaired by any or all technician who today cost a significant sum as a service fee. To prevent this unnecessary waste of time and money, you can perform yourself computer repair at home when you follow these simple steps. They are the most troublesome and risky thing your personal computer may be infected by. This article will teach you how to detect virus infections and get rid […]