Not Hackable Computer Processor

The computer that is unhackable uses encryption to cover any vulnerabilities hackers may try to attack. The idea is due to the continuous encryption that hackers will not be capable of keeping up with the technology, and even if they do solve one issue, computers are already lot many steps ahead. It is believed that the Morpheus CPU is an unhackable machine; however, recent tests on this processor reveal that its defenses are actually efficient. In the most recent virtual bug bounty campaign that was backed by DARPA Defense Advanced Research Project Agency also known as DARPA the group of […]

Computer Builders RAM Prices To Increase 23%

If you’re looking to build a computer in the current days, expect higher prices for already scarce graphic cards DDR4 memory module, as well as the secondhand market. If you are trying to save money by building a machine using the older DDR3 platform, you could be subject to markups. Imagine what the price hike is when server components are included. TweakTown reports that the cost of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) are set to rise between 18 and 23 percent over the next couple of months. According to the official forecasts the current shortage of chips does not only […]

E-cigarettes could be Harmful to the Health of your Computer

The majority of electronic cigarettes are charged via the help of a USB cable that is connected to the wall socket or the USB port on a computer. While charging them via a wall socket aren’t putting the electrical power supply in your home at risk, charging e-cigarettes by connecting the device computers will allow the electronic cigarette connection to the PC, possibly placing the computer in danger. E-cigarettes are growing in popularity as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. While users’ lungs could be benefiting from the devices, the computer might be the one being exposed to risk. Recent […]

Batteries are Not Required The Tiny Computer runs Based on Radio Waves

Researchers from UW researchers University of Washington (UW) have come up with a new kind of computer that gets its power from no battery or other source, but rather by capturing radio waves and transforms into electricity. Also known in the industry as Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform (WISP) This new technology results from the blend of sensor technology and computing that utilize Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader to collect radio waves that surround it to convert them into electrical power. Although WISP does not have the similar processing capabilities of superior computers on the market today however, it has […]

Android phone 2022: How To Check your phone’s notification on your Computer

In the year 2019, Microsoft created a system to manage Android notifications through Windows. The tech company lets users get notifications from your Android smartphone in the Windows 10 or 11 computer in the moment they arrive. This allows you to access the entire SMSM history, as well as any other in-process notifications upon request. You can also respond to messages or create new texts using your PC. It was previously known as “Your Telephone,” the Windows app is now changed to “Phone Link.” How to view your Android Phone Notifications on Your PC Keep in mind that you’re moving […]

A Deadly Virus that Will self-destruct and destroy your computer Get to know Rombertik virus

Contrary to most computer viruses Rombertik is able to stay out of the detection process or even rendering the device been infected inaccessible. Its “unique” virus resists detection very well and, when it is detected it begins to erase files from the computer. The virus causes the computer to restart continuously in a loop when its mechanism for evasion is activated. This malware is also able to steal user’s login details as well as other sensitive data. Check out Computer Repairs Bethania is right here to serve you. Our virus removal service offers the¬†best protection¬†on all kinds of malware at […]

You should do these Important things before you sell your Laptop

There are many reasons to sell your laptop. You might want to upgrade your laptop or get a larger one for your growing needs. However, selling your broken laptop needs some preparation. Because your personal data is stored on your computer, you cannot simply dispose of it. You should make sure that your personal information is not sold with your laptop. It is scary to give away your laptop. You should ensure that you don’t put yourself at risk by giving away your laptop. Think about how much time you’ve put into your laptop. This means that there are a […]

The Best Laptop Cooling Pads

Laptop coolers will be your trusted companion for the laptop that you use so often. It helps to keep the device cool enough that it can be used for extended periods of time. These are some suggestions that will make your laptop and you happy. havit HV-F2056 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad. It can be taken with you wherever you go to ensure that your laptop is well cooled, even in humid conditions. It is lightweight. Two shield holders allow you to adjust the height of your laptop according to your preferences. AICHESON Laptop Cooling pad This laptop was designed […]

Microsoft recently unveiled a new kind of Laptop, aptly named the Surface Laptop

Microsoft has unveiled a new type of laptop, the Surface Laptop. What’s the latest? This machine is running Windows 10 S, the latest version of Windows. What is the new Windows 10 version? It’s designed to compete with Google’s Chromebooks. These are relatively weak machines that run Chrome OS. This operating system is unique but not unrecognizable. According to Computer Repairs Loganlea It is familiar because it includes Google-made software and web services that many of us are already used to: Gmail and Google Docs and Google Sheets. The popularity of Chromebooks in education is mainly due to three factors: […]

Help Desk Software: How to Increase Productivity

Business productivity is something that no business owner can afford not to consider. It is a key element in business growth. High productivity leads to greater profitability and customer satisfaction. Technology can help you improve your business productivity. Technology is constantly changing, making our lives easier. Businesses can now make use of Help Desk Software to increase productivity. It automates repetitive tasks and makes work more efficient. Customer support software streamlines customer service by allowing customer service operators to quickly track customer requests and address other issues. This software is a great tool for your company. 1. Concentrate on one […]