Laptop Lockdown 101

Laptop computers have lost ground to tablets over the last few years. However, they still play a vital role in maximising productivity for many. My laptop is still the core of my business, even though I use my mobile devices to do certain tasks. It’s important that I protect sensitive information that my clients have given me as a security consultant. My clients frequently ask me what steps I take to make sure my computer and data storage system are secure. This article will outline some options to lock down a laptop computer. It is primarily intended for other solitary […]

Generating New Customers Online for Your Business

A website is essential for any business, especially computer repair businesses. Your website is your virtual shop front, and a way for potential customers to find you. Although every computer repair company has a website, it is important to make your website stand out so that you can generate new business rather than passively passing on information. The goal of any advertising or marketing campaign online is to attract new customers and generate leads. How can your website become more than a digital brochure and be a positive online marketing tool? Clear, relevant information The average computer user will be […]

Getting Back on Track with Laptop Repair Red Hill Services

Laptop Repairs Red Hill services are also about fixing problems that arise as well. Despite their pretty incredible power and versatility, computers remain fairly susceptible machines that can encounter a wide variety of problems, including mechanical failure, damage from drops, overheating, freezing, sudden loss of data, and the blue screen of death error code. All of these issues can quickly lead to serious loss of productivity and the sinking feeling that you may have lost all of the files contained within your computer. Trusting the services of a computer repair professional can give you peace of mind knowing that this […]

Cleaning Your Home Computer

Home computer repair is a hot topic these days. Many people own a home computer and prefer to fix it themselves. Service technicians can charge quite a bit for this service. These steps will help you avoid unnecessary time and money. Viruses can be dangerous and most distressing to your computer. This article will show you how to identify viruses and fix them at home. Viral infections are the most serious and potentially dangerous problem that a home computer could encounter. However, it is possible to prevent them from infecting your computer by installing an antivirus program. There are many […]

Life and Death of a Battery

What drains batteries? There are many reasons for rapid battery drain. These can be due to basic engineering or design inefficiencies. Or simple settings that the user can change to increase battery life. A particular model of phone can become a battery eater. A device like this cannot be modified to improve its performance. Some devices are more efficient than others in terms of battery efficiency. Maintaining Battery Health In general, however, one can help the battery usage on any device by running a deep tune-up in the settings menu, targeting all applications and device services that may be running in the background, […]

Spyware programs lurking on your computer?

These are some things you should be looking out for in order to avoid spyware. If you notice annoying pop-ups appearing on your computer, you can check if spyware is running. Anyone who has a DSL connection or high-speed internet connection knows that they can be connected to the internet at all times. This is something you need to protect. Pop-ups should never appear on your screen, even though you might be online at all times. If this happens, spyware is most likely on your computer. To detect it immediately, you need to use a spyware software. No matter how […]

An Easy Guide on How to Start a Computer Repair Business

You must first ask yourself who your clients are. It is important to identify your clients. These are usually home users or small businesses. Small businesses make great clients, I have found. I prefer to target small businesses with 10 or less PCs (some clients have more than 20 PCs, which includes the server). Although I have some home users clients, my main business is with small businesses. Clients who are small businesses know they require specialized services for their business, and will pay a fair amount. Home users may not see it this way. Many home users are used […]

A Guide to Liability Insurance for your Start-up

This website may have helped you find your way to a new business. You might be just beginning to think of a business idea, or you may have an established business. This website is a great resource for any business owner. There are many reasons people start businesses. You may have a hobby or an interest that has grown into a business. You have the skills to do it on your own, thanks to your current job. You believe you have identified a market gap An inventor has an idea you believe can be developed. You may have been offered a franchise […]

Inexpensive Desktop and Laptop Repairs

A broken power supply is a little more difficult to detect. Generally, because we don’t see the same physical damage on power supply repairs that you do on power jacks, rarely because you unplug or play with the cord plugged into your computer. So this makes you think that the power supply itself is failing. Dc Jack & Power Supply Repair Power jacks and power supplies are among those that fail the most. Between the strain of taking electricity from the outlet and distributing it evenly and consistently and the constant stress of pulling on the power cords, power jacks […]

Sample Actual Computer Repair

Bring your laptop to me if it needs a replacement battery. To make your computer stable for the new hard drives, I might need to install and purchase a new battery. The battery can cost anywhere from $90-$190 A new hard drive costs $100 or more You will need to work for 2-3 hours at $80 an hour. Your bill is more than $400 Is it worth spending 600-1200 on a new shiny laptop? Maybe. Talk to me and I’ll keep your thoughts in my mind. Computer Repair Resources – Monthly Monitoring Plans $ 240.00-$ 600.00 You can access the dedicated support desk […]