Not Hackable Computer Processor

The computer that is unhackable uses encryption to cover any vulnerabilities hackers may try to attack. The idea is due to the continuous encryption that hackers will not be capable of keeping up with the technology, and even if they do solve one issue, computers are already lot many steps ahead.

It is believed that the Morpheus CPU is an unhackable machine; however, recent tests on this processor reveal that its defenses are actually efficient. In the most recent virtual bug bounty campaign that was backed by DARPA Defense Advanced Research Project Agency also known as DARPA the group of over five hundred White Hat hackers had spent over 13,000 hours in an take on the impossible computers’ defenses.

According to Computer Repair Redland Bay that more about how the CPU works in the role of the brain a computer. And since it’s the brain that runs the computer and the brain of a computer, it is vital that CPUs are not attacked. That’s why according to the article by Gizmodo that a University of Michigan academic research team is currently developing a method to prevent certain hacks from happening. According to IEEE Spectrum. Todd Austin, the leading computer scientist, reveals that his team has been currently working on a project known as”the” Morpheus CPU.

IEEE informs us that Austin has stated that the team’s invention by calling it”the Morpheus CPU was developed in the University of Michigan, making the computer chip an intricate puzzle that can compute. The goal is to make the computing unit “really difficult” to work with. The idea was to make computers difficult to comprehend in order to deter hackers from attacking the computer.

According to Gizmodo and Gizmodo, those who are wondering what the Morpheus CPU was hacked The solution is encrypted. Austin says how his company is using a cipher , which is a specific algorithm that triggers encryption as well as encryption. The cipher is referred to as “Simon.”

In this instance the case, whatever Simon states will be carried out. This could result in the fundamental computer that is, the unhackable CPU, alter every hundred milliseconds. This means that the processor of your computer is continuously encryption of certain parts of the Morpheus CPU’s functions to hide how it operates.

Due to the continual encryption that it uses, the Morpheus CPU prevents any hackers that might be in a position to attack the computer. This is because the resets the “key pieces” of computer processor’s codes and data are reconfigured a number in a second creating vulnerabilities that could be dead ends for hackers. This is according to the engineering department at the school.

Unhackable computer? Are they even real? The CPU is generally regarded to be “the the brain” in the world of computers as are the brains of humans since they are accountable for receiving and performing instructions. Much like the rest of the computers but the CPU has its weaknesses.