Computer Builders RAM Prices To Increase 23%

If you’re looking to build a computer in the current days, expect higher prices for already scarce graphic cards DDR4 memory module, as well as the secondhand market. If you are trying to save money by building a machine using the older DDR3 platform, you could be subject to markups. Imagine what the price hike is when server components are included.

TweakTown reports that the cost of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) are set to rise between 18 and 23 percent over the next couple of months. According to the official forecasts the current shortage of chips does not only affect GPU production as well as the supply of DRAM. It affects a range of other items like graphics, mobile, DDR4 (even older generation DDR3) and servers.

In the age of gaming computers is now almost impossible, if not for paying high prices laptops are witnessing an increase in demand. This demand for computing on the go that’s driving up dynamic random-access memory costs, according to the WCCFTech.

In the realm of hardware and software the 2-nd Quarter of the Year (April through June) usually sees an upswing in laptop production. It’s true also, as evidenced by data that experts are expecting an 7.9 percent growth in laptop manufacturing which will push the cost of dynamic random-access memory to even more. Therefore, serious PC gamers today will likely be looking for alternatives, such as consoles as well as handhelds.

It’s Worse for Computer Builders

It appears that the joy gamers enjoy when creating their custom-built machines has ended, at least for the time of this year. The GPU shortage will last until 2021’s end Graphics cards can cost more than a dollar. Now, we have this positive note about DRAM costs increasing in the current quarter.

One could partially blame the epidemic for the astronomical demand for computers as well as other electronic devices like smartphones and tablets. With more and more people in school or working from home, prices are driving up, as COVID appears to be slowing down any time in the near future, according to Laptop Repairs Murarrie.

But it’s not just memory and GPUs that are rising. Evidently, even storage options such as SSDs are getting affected by the cryptocurrency mining trend. A new cryptocurrency, known as Chia is being designed to make mining operators switch from using a lot of powerful GPUs to SSDs that are more efficient in terms of power consumption.