How to Convert DVD to MP4 video for Playing on PC

A DVD player is required to watch the DVD. If you do have one, it may not work or be able to read the disc. These discs can be scratched easily and the player may have difficulty reading their contents.

This is why it’s so easy to use your computer or laptop to convert the files to MP4 and open them from DVD.

Although playing DVDs on a computer should not be a problem, it is difficult to tell if the disc is still usable. If you don’t have the knowledge and tools to retrieve the content from a damaged or defective disc, it can be a serious concern. You are good to go as long as the disc is still readable, especially with modern software.

It is also a good idea to digitalize any other home videos and copies of important clips that were burned to DVDs. The longevity of DVD copies is not guaranteed, especially since the physical technology is moving to the digital.

All of this requires the right tool. WinXDVD is the best choice.

WinX DVD Ripper may not be well-known or widely used in the market. This is due to the drastic decline in DVD use. It is still an important tool that should be kept in users’ computers.

Although DVD ripping tools are no longer necessary, it is possible to find old files that have been stored at home.

However, videos that are stored and collected have sentimental value and should not be forgotten.

WinX DVD Ripper is free to all users. Download the software to experience the magic it offers, especially when it revives old DVDs in the digital age.

WinX DVD Ripper can only be used on Windows, but this does not limit its capabilities. It is compatible with Windows 10, and will soon be available for Windows 11.

It takes just one click to install and doesn’t take more than two minutes. This is because it is a small application that won’t take up much memory or storage space.

Also, if one plugs in a DVD to a laptop’s built-in reader or an external CD/DVD/DVD reader, WinX will immediately show up and offer an option for users to explore.

It is free and can be trusted. Many malicious programs have been known to disguise their evil intentions as services.

Pro tip: Only download software from official sites and trusted sources.

WinX is also resilient to scratches on DVDs, something that you might be afraid a DVD player wouldn’t be able read. WinX will read and extract any disc, regardless of whether it has deep scratches or hairline scratches.