What is No-Code?

No Code: What Is It?

Anyone who is interested in the future software and how computers will interact with each other in the next few years will have heard of “no-code” platforms. No-Code isn’t only the future, it’s also available right now.

What is No-Code?

No-code, at its most basic, is exactly what it sounds. It’s programming without the use of code, regardless of whether you are looking for websites, apps on mobile devices, full programs or scripts according to HowtoGeek.

This means that anyone, even novice tech writers, can create something online and assume it will work.

Companies that offer No-code often hail it as the future in coding. In their advertisements, terms such as “democratization of internet” or “anybody can make a website” are used. These assertions are not without merit.

A few years back, if your idea was for a great game, app or other program, you could only bring it to life by knowing how to code. (And pray that you know the correct programming language.) Or, you could learn quickly. You could also hire someone to do it if you had the money. That was it.

This is no longer the case. Instead of learning multiple programming languages, you will only need to know how one program works before you can use whatever inspiration strikes you.

How no-code tools work

This brings us to something we don’t often talk about: While no-code tools make it simpler to create a website or program, they don’t make it easy.

Even the most basic tools require you to learn how they work. Often, you will also need to know a bit about tech. For example, understanding how the internet works is key to constructing a website.

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It’s still much easier than creating a program from scratch.

Most no-code tools use a drag and drop interface instead of a command-line interface.

Examples of No-Code Platforms

Although the above might seem abstract, let’s look at some examples of no code platforms to give you an idea of their capabilities.

Website builders are probably the most widely used no-code tool. Website builders are used by many individuals and small businesses to create simple websites. This is something that was impossible a decade ago. You had to be familiar with HTML and CSS back then.