Transform Computer from Asus

The case is often the most boring part of building computers. There are many models that have lights and fancy designs, but they’re not very interesting. It is crucial to build a computer with a case. You need to ensure that all the parts fit together. However, few people would say they have ever been excited about a computer’s chassis.

A unique manufacturer is all that’s needed to make people excited about a new case. Asus and In Win have teamed up to make this happen. But what is the secret to their unique chassis? Cases already come with lights, windows and neon-tinted cooling system. What could Asus or In Win do to make a case cooler than any other metal box?

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It’s not like Asus and In Win just stuffed more neon tubing in the E-ATX box. They’ve turned a computer into an actual Transformer.

Let’s face it, that’s quite cool.

Although it might look difficult at first, the EATX case is easy to use. In fact, it opens and closes in a matter of seconds. Apart from its cool appearance, the E-ATX case raises the computer’s internal hardware. This should make it easier to replace older parts with newer ones. While some may argue that this feature is unnecessary, most computer cases provide an easy access point. However, the E-ATX wins style points.

The best thing about this Decepticon is that it will be affordable to everyone. Engadget has confirmed that Asus plans to mass-produce the case. This means that anyone can have their own Transformer right at their desk. Unfortunately, there is no information on when Asus will begin shipping these cases, but In Win has some more details.

It will, with any luck, be content to browse the Internet and not try to overthrow humanity.