Surface Book

Microsoft today introduced the first ever laptop made exclusively by Microsoft at the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices event. It is the Microsoft Surface Book.

Microsoft asked specifically how it could reinvent utility and even the basic idea of the average laptop. The answer was “What if we could do to laptops what we did to tablets?”

It weighs in at 1.6 pounds, making it the lightest and most portable PC ever made. Microsoft’s laptop comes with a dynamic hinge that allows for full clipboard access.

Microsoft claims the Surface Book offers the best typing experience, boasting back-lit keys, a “best-in class key stroke” and quiet typing. The Surface Book features a trackpad that is precision-optimized with five touch points entirely made of glass. It is also remarkable, boasting a PixelSense 135-inch screen and 267ppi.

What about the internal hardware? The Microsoft Surface Book includes a Core i7 CPU, Nvidia GeForce GPU, and high-speed GDDRS memory. Microsoft also considers it the fastest 13-inch laptop, with two additional processors than the MacBook Pro. This makes it more efficient than Apple’s flagship laptop.

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