Ransomware Attack on PC Hardware

Ransomware hackers have attacked Gigabyte, a PC hardware company. This is the latest in a series of data breaches that have been occurring in the global tech sector.

Ransom Exx, a hacker group, allegedly carried out the ransomware attack. They claim to have stolen data from the servers of the company, Mashable reports. The ransom page shows that the group threatened to release 112 GB sensitive company data from Gigabyte if the payment is not made.

Although the ransomware attack was quite recent, Gigabyte claims that only a handful of internal servers were affected. These servers are now online again, although the company is still investigating how the breach occurred. Backups were a key factor in the server’s recovery. Use Computer Repairs Gumdale If you suspect data loss and you are in deep need of data recovery assistance, your best option is to contact an experienced data recovery specialist at Computer Repairs Gumdale for an immediate consultation.

The ransomware attack occurred overnight, from Tuesday night through Wednesday. This is all that is known except for who the perpetrators were. Bleeping Computer reports that customers also experienced difficulties in obtaining updated information for RMAs. This is likely another effect of the hack.

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Sources claim that Ransom Exx already has a dark web page with samples of the stolen data. The hackers claim that many of these files are protected by NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), which have been signed by large tech companies such as Intel, AMD, American Megatrends, and AMD.

Ransomware attacks have affected many businesses in recent months, as we’ve already mentioned. It has become so bad that the US and EU have joined forces to fight hacking groups. It’s not good that two of the world’s most powerful governing bodies have teamed up to stop hackers from using ransomware.

Ransomware is a malicious program that sends malicious software via phishing. This involves sending fake emails with real-looking links to trick people into clicking on a link. The hackers can temporarily take any company’s data hostage by clicking the link. The hackers will not give back the stolen data unless the victimized company pays a ransom.

Ransomware attacks can be very dangerous as hackers can easily steal sensitive information that could amount to millions of dollars.

Ransomware: How to Protect Yourself

It is actually quite simple to stop a ransomware attack from happening.

It is important to be aware and critical of all information you receive or see for each user. These hackers often use fake emails and phishing to trick people. You should immediately delete any email you get that you don’t want and do not click on any links in it.

Security experts suggest that corporations limit employees’ digital privileges to ensure they can trust you with sensitive information. Malware cannot take control of computers or other systems if access privileges to them are extremely limited, especially at the lowest levels. It is a great way to prevent hackers from gaining access.