USB Killer can destroy any equipment with a USB port

If your computer is plugged in, the ‘USB killer’ will fry it.

A “USB Killer” is the threat. It looks just like a regular USB drive. The device was created by Dark Purple, a Russian security researcher. The USB Drive is not intended to be used for file transfer, but instead it sends out an electric bolt that damages the computer.

Dark Purple claims that the USB Killer can destroy any equipment with a USB port. The technical details of the device are still unknown so be careful. However, it appears that the device can discharge “minus 220” voltages through the USB port.

In March, the USB Killer was first made popular by Dark Purple. However, Dark Purple has since made modifications to the device and called it USB Killer 2.0. Below is a video that shows USB Killer 2.0 in action.

Dark Purple claims that the computer that was destroyed in the video will work fine once its motherboard has been replaced. It is unlikely that the hard drive of the computer was damaged. This means that data on the computer was not damaged or lost. However, you should not plug in unknown USB drives to your computer if a USB-looking device is able to fry it. This is a mistake you should not have made.