Computer Show

Technology is here to stay. However, not everyone understands the technology we take as a given today.

For example, Roxana Altamirano and Adam Lisagor from Sandwich have recorded a series of videos called Computer Show. This is a talk-show that was started in 1983 with guests starting in 2015. These videos are great for anyone who needs a little assistance in understanding the technology world.

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The show’s 1983 setting means there is plenty to see in terms of hairstyles and clothing. There are also VHS tapes. The guests, however, are tech geniuses of our time and will shed some light on the future technology while everyone else lives in 1983.

The show will look a lot like Computer Chronicles from the 1980s. It basically covered the rise of personal computers until 2002 when it was cancelled.

There are currently two Computer Show episodes. The first is called “Communities” and discusses the concept of online communities. Alexis Ohanian (one of the co-founders Reddit) is the guest on the show. Ohanian’s idea of Reddit baffles the hosts. After that, he grabs his iPhone and amazes them all.

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The second episode, “Arts”, explains the process of creating computer art. This episode also examines the concept of the Internet which, naturally, confuses the hosts.

The show is full of laughter and fun. The first episode can be viewed below. For the second, you can visit the YouTube channel.