Most Powerful Quantum Computer

To demonstrate the remarkable and impressive capabilities of this Chinese quantum computing device, researchers needed to determine the processing power of the computer.

But, it isn’t an easy job for computer engineers since the process of adding qubits in chips is complicated. Additionally, the effort required to make it run efficiently without errors is another obstacle that engineers must overcome.
The Most Powerful Quantum Computer: Chinese Developers Beat Google’s Performance

In addition to being among the most powerful computers, this Chinese machine also beat out the Sycamore chip from Google which only boasts 53 qubits. In addition, IBM also has its own counterpart to that of the System One chip with 20 qubits that also beats the China computer also beats.

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In the meantime, it’s not for the very first time Chinese researchers claimed they have outpowered Google Sycamore.

on December 4th, 2020 the research team of the Univesity of Science and Technology of China Department of Modern Physics found it was the Chinese computing system is 10 times more efficient than Google’s.

When Google introduced its Sycamore in the year 2019 it boasted that it needed only three minutes and 20 seconds to complete a task that other supercomputers would take 10,000 years.

The Most powerful Quantum Computer by China: Performance

Additionally, the researchers discovered that the Zuchongzhi only needed about 1.2 hour or about 70 mins on an undertaking that most models will take up to 8 years to complete.

It was also discovered that the job that was used for testing the Chinese quantum computer is hundred times more difficult contrasted with the tasks that Google Sycamore has had to face.

In retrospect, what differentiates quantum computers apart in contrast to the traditional binary machine is that it encompasses all possibilities of solving problems simultaneously, Scientific American included in the same report.