How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard that Doesn’t Work

The first thing that could you think about is going to an repair shop to have it repaired. It will however be a lengthy process as you’ll have to hand over your laptop with a technician to determine the problem. You don’t want to invest money in something you can fix by yourself.

Restart the Laptop

If a device fails the first step is to reboot it. Sometimes, your laptop is overloaded and you don’t even realize it. If it’s been running for long periods of time and its performance level are likely to decrease. In some instances the keyboard could be unable to function.

If your keyboard doesn’t work, shut your computer off. It should be allowed some time to cool down before turning it back on.

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When you restart your laptop, you’re giving it the chance to reset all applications you are running. Restarting your laptop can allow it to improve its performance and function completely again, as per PCMag.

Make use of an external keyboard

If you’re trying to determine what’s wrong with the laptop’s hardware or its software, you could connect the keyboard of an alternative. If the external keyboard functions and functions, this means the keyboard built into your laptop has an issue with the hardware, and you’ll have to get it fixed by an expert.

Cleanse the keyboard

There are occasions when keys aren’t working correctly, or take longer to press them to make sure that the words be displayed on screen.

If this occurs you may find dirt and dust that has built up around the edges. All you have to do is clean the keyboard thoroughly.

Make use of a tiny brush or cloth to clean your keyboard keys. This will help remove the dirt and other debris that was stuck beneath.

It is also possible to employ rubbing alcohol to clean the keys and get rid of dirt that had accumulated in the side. You can also utilize the computer vacuum cleaner to scrub your keyboard completely.

Make sure you update the Keyboard Drivers

Sometimes the drivers for the components of laptops go out of sync and include the keyboard driver.

After restarting your PC, you can upgrade the drivers for your keyboard by pressing the Search button on the taskbar.

Find Device Manager and click it.

Be sure to expand the Keyboards tab and then locate your keyboard. Once you’ve found it simply right-click it and select Update Driver.

Choose Search automatically for drivers, and follow the steps to update the drivers for your keyboard. After you have completed the update restart your laptop and see if you’re still experiencing issues with the keyboard.