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How to Turn Your Computer Repair Website into a Lead Generation Machine

Every business needs a good website, especially if you are in the computer repair business such as Computer Wizard Brisbane site. Your website serves as your virtual storefront and as a path for prospective customers to find you. Of course, now that every small computer repair service has a website, the challenge is to get your website to stand out and to actively generate new business for you rather than just passively relaying information.

After all, the goal of any online marketing or advertising initiative for a business is to generate new leads and attract new customers. What can you turn your website into a positive online marketing asset, rather than just a digital brochure?

Clear and Relevant Information

A typical computer user looking for a computer repair business will tend to be flustered from dealing with computer problems, and will not want to have to search through a lot of extra clutter to find out where the business is, how much the computer repair will cost, what the hours of operation are, and other key pieces of information. Most customers will start with the computer repair business that provides them with the easiest and least stressful search for basic information. While a website can host other information than just the basics, be sure that the following pages are easy for visitors to find:

What brands of computer hardware and software your business repairs

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Hours of Operation

Prices, per hour or per task

Location, preferably complete with a link to your location on, or a similar service.

The golden rule for online marketing in web design is that no important information should be more than three clicks away, but the information in this list should require clicking no more than two links in order for visitors to view it.

Helpful Features

The importance of making basic information easy to find doesn’t mean you can’t include other interesting and helpful features on the website for your computer repair service. By including informative computer-related content in your online marketing strategy, you can make your website a frequent destination for computer users, who will then be more likely to think of you first when they need computer repair help. Embedded videos of common computer maintenance or installation tasks can be a great way to build your website traffic. Lists of links to helpful or entertaining websites can also be advantageous and will encourage visitors to bookmark your website for later viewing.

If your web server or your hosting service provides the capability for instant messaging or other live chat services, you can also greatly increase the online marketing potential of your website by offering direct communication with a technician or a customer representative. Speaking to a live person in a chat window can be a great feature for customers who have specific questions about what services you offer or who just need a quick piece of technical advice.


Now that you have provided basic business information and offered interesting content to capture the attention of visitors and to generate repeat traffic, what other online marketing techniques can you use to help your website to generate more leads? There are plenty of ways to give potential customers a sense of the “personality” of a business and of the people who work there.

Try adding an “About Our Staff” page featuring short biographies of your employees, including pictures, backgrounds, specialties, and favorite science fiction movie, or other fun facts. A picture of the location should be posted as well, both to provide a sense of place and to help customers locate the store. Lastly, be sure to include a few testimonials (again, with pictures) from customers who enjoyed their experience with your computer repair service. These personal touches will give your business a friendly and approachable aspect that can provide a significant online marketing advantage in a field such as a computer repair.

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