OS Reinstall

This isn’t our only option in many situations OS Reinstall may be an easier and faster solution for some computer issues.

Most of the time, clients need or desire their computers repaired fast and don’t want to just wait for normal repair and disinfection times as we’re obsessed with perfection and perform the highest quality job, a really good repair or removal job will take around three days to complete the disinfection process. Our method of disinfection is individual – the same way that we’re considering about patenting our method…

There are occasions where a client needs their computer immediately, and they don’t want to lose all their programs, data images, photos movies, data, and other files. When there are rare occasions we are unable to perform the removal of viruses due to the difficulty of the virus or when our customers require urgently a functioning computer We may consider the OS Reinstall.

Losing your data unless it is backed up IS A DISASTER

We aren’t a fan of OS Reinstalls for just fixing an issue with a minor virus or because we aren’t sure about anything – just because we respect our clients’ time. We are aware of the number of days or hours, months or even years to gather all the software…

We understand how important images can be, and we would certainly like to keep our personal collection of songs or downloaded files.

Therefore, we don’t want to cause our customers to lose important documents or data.

In the majority of cases when companies perform choose to do an OS Reinstall they do not have the ability to create an archive of that crucial information, those amazing programs or gorgeous images…

If we decide to perform the reinstall on behalf of our customers, we will make sure that we do everything we can to backup their data.

For… it’s true… we’ve got our cher back!

If a client requires it, we’ll do the task for them. Contact us to have your operating system reinstalled on your computer in the event that you require it.

The life in Ventura and Oxnard is very busy and we know the demands of life in Ventura and Oxnard. If you require your computer to be repaired quickly and efficiently, we can help you. We can expedite repair to your computer by performing an OS rebuild. We’ll have your system repaired and updated as well as secured in a short time and at a low cost.

Expect to receive more than what you pay for with an expert OS Reinstall for your laptop or desktop. OS Reinstall includes the backup of your personal files such as documents, photos and music to ensure that when we repair your computer, none the important files you have are lost. When the reinstall process is complete it is essential to ensure that all of your drivers are installed and up-to-date , along with antivirus software, at no extra cost. Then, we put your personal files where you’d like to see them after having them checked to make sure you’re not infected in the future.

A Reinstall of the OS isn’t suitable for all, but if it’s requested, or is necessary it is possible to ensure the repair of your computer is completed correctly. We can install Windows XP and newer.

Expert Computer Repair

Expert Computer Repair in Ventura and Oxnard. We’re willing to go an extra mile because we understand that quality service and excellent customer service go hand-in-hand. We love our customers! And do you know what? They are awed by us!.

We are experienced, certified, Engineers with the right experience since 1992. We have been endorsed by the military, and we offer a wide range of medical services to customers. We have certifications, bonds, insurance, as well as education to support you and your company.

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We are located centrally at Ventura County and provide Computer Repair Services to:

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