PC Window Upgrade


Your operating system may have become outdated or older in the years that your system has been performing poorly. It is important to upgrade your operating system as an older version may not work as well as the most recent due to technological advancements. It is vital to keep up-to-date with technology in computers, as new technology constantly comes on the market.

Computer Repairs Chapel Hill services have the most current version of all windows that can be upgraded. We also offer customized solutions to meet your system needs. Our experienced technicians can help you upgrade your windows version.

We have the most current versions available and our technicians can install them in no time.

Here are some reasons to upgrade Windows.

1. Performance Boost:

You will see a major benefit to upgrading your windows. It will increase the overall performance of the system and result in better coordination with peripheral devices.


Windows up-gradation also solves compatibility issues. You can use the newer windows version to maximize your system’s potential. It will also make it possible to access those programs and software that were not available due to your older system. You may find some software that is not compatible with older versions of windows incompatible. This software can only be run on the most recent versions of Windows. Most games are compatible with the latest version of Windows. Windows up-gradation solves compatibility problems.

3. Error Handling:

There may be issues with your system. You can now search for the solution on search engines such as google, yahoo, etc. What happens is that replies and posts about these problems all pertain to the most recent version of your operating system. You can continue searching for the solution but you are still not getting any answers.

4. The Latest Features

The company’s software developers continue to add new features to Windows in order increase its utility. Windows up-gradation is necessary to gain these features.

5. Additional Benefits

Windows up-gradation also has other benefits, such as the following:

A. Upgraded Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Windows 8.1 will feature an upgraded graphical user interface, which will improve the appearance of the operating system.

b. Fast Start up and Shut down

There are many reasons to upgrade your windows. Laptop Repairs Chelmer is the best in the industry because of its highly-trained technicians. Give us a shout at and one of our staff members will help you.