Computer Repair & Networking Solutions

How do we make it so affordable?

Simple. No overhead. These savings allow us to offer our customers this: We can save $1500-$4000 a monthly on Shop & Staffing. Would you be willing to pay $10,000 for an add-on TV for our Services I didn’t believe so. Our techs have the flexibility to work when it suits them best. Each tech has a home shop that allows them to be available 24 hours a day for updates, downloads, formats, or other tasks. Our customers don’t need to pay for our shop when their computer problems can be best addressed in their own location. Try Apple computer repairs Mango Hill – Offers the best Apple and Mac computer repairs in Mango Hill and nearby areas of Brisbane!

Our Techs regularly pick up ailing machines and bring them back to their shop promptly.

Computer technicians can be as low as $55, $75 and $120 per hour. We charge only $35 per hour for computer repair and networking due to our volume. Server configurations are more.

All Comp TIA A+ certified technicians are part of our staff. Our certifications include Microsoft Certified Database Administrator’s (A+, Net+), Network Support Specialists, Networking Specialists, Computer/Network support technician, and many more!

Microsoft & A+ Certified Professionals Service Calls

Abacus Computer Repair & Networking Solutions Tampa Bay specializes in Computer Repair, WiFi, Standard Networking, Wireless Networking, Security, Database, MySQL, Linux, as well as Computer Refurbishing. Our certified professionals include Network Systems Specialist, Microsoft Certified Database administrator, Certified Computer/Network support technician, A+ Net+, Microsoft Certified Professional and many more. Calls start at $27.50 per half hour or $35 an hour. All of our computer repair Tampa technicians have passed their college classes as well as the CompTIA and Microsoft exams to prove their technical competence. They then intern for at least 30 days before going out on their own. 

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Every CompTIA A+ rendition brings up the topic of confirmation estimation. This is a topic that parts industry experts are familiar with. It’s true even in 2019.

CompTIA A+ affirmation is a popular choice for IT professionals. What if you were in a perfect situation looking for another confirmation? 

Accreditation is a lifetime endeavor that has been carefully selected.

It’s essential to settle on the correct conformation-dependent on your inclinations, vocation objectives, conditions, and the market.

These certifications will give any IT professional an edge, and they are all highly sought-after by bosses.

More than 12% have obtained their ITIL Foundation authentication. This makes it the most popular confirmation in North America. ITIL Foundation is available to those who wish to obtain affirmation in the coming year.

CompTIA A+ Core Series will allow you to pass two Core 1 (230-1001) and Core 2 (230-1002) tests that cover the new substance.

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