Interview with Medin Balkanitch – 3D Graphics from 3D Masters

Honed 3d graphics from 3d masters of their craft. We communicate with the participants of the Wireframe studio.
2.5 years have passed since our last communication with Medin Balkanitch, and now, it has happened, after a long break, we are reviving a series of interviews.

Ahead of you awaits the result of communication with interesting people on the most relevant topics in the field of design, advertising, packaging, and branding in Russia.
The first interlocutors, if I may say so, “our celebration” were the participants of the Wireframe studio, which specializes in 3d graphics and is slowly gaining momentum in the field of Motion design.

We communicate with the art director of the Mosquito studio and the project manager of β€œN”.

In Russia, they constantly like to compare the work of compatriots with the work of Western studios. And now, having plucked up the courage, I will also join this comparison and say that in 3d graphics you demonstrate the western level. How did you get to this point? Tell us who was doing what before wireframe?

mosquito: West, West, strife) Thank you for the comparison, we just live our business and try our best. But there is still a colossal front of work ahead. We are far from the real West, at least in the video. As for the past: I used to teach graphics, worked in different studios, freelance. Almost all the guys used to work somewhere on schedule, in large studios and not so much. Kolya N has been successfully engaged in web design for a long time.

N: Thank you for that comparison, but we have not yet reached the level we are striving for, and we know that we have great growth potential. Before Wireframe I was engaged in web design and programming, and now, more as a hobby, I sometimes make websites.

When did you want to organize your own studio?

mosquito: At the age of 18. I was walking towards my dream for a long time πŸ™‚

N: Many people perceive us as a studio, but we are primarily a freelance team. The desire to assemble a team appeared a long time ago, but this desire was not the goal itself. A couple of years ago, it just so happened that we started to do projects in the field of 3d graphics together and eventually acquired the form of a Wireframe.

mosquito: In general, of course, not always a pretty picture sells a product. In this regard, the client knows better. But ideally, you need a combination of good creativity and cool execution. I would advise clients to trust design studios more. You don’t go to the auto repair shop with advice, do you? He knows better. And if you are climbing, it means you made a mistake in choosing a master and cannot admit it to yourself.

N: Designers and advertisers should first of all do quality design and advertising. For managers, education probably won’t hurt. If the “visual experience” gained during education makes the customer more demanding for good, then everyone will only benefit from this.

Do situations often arise when a client knocks down the price and asks for a discount? Do you agree to bargain or do you immediately abandon the client?

mosquito: It doesn’t happen very often. But we are ready to make concessions if the project is creatively interesting – this policy is spelled out on our website in the “People” section. It happens, of course, and inadequate, where without him πŸ™‚ We refuse such clients without regret.

N: Each project is calculated individually. If the project is especially interesting to us from the creative side, but the customer has a very small budget, then, most likely, we will take on such a project. If the project has a large budget, but it is not interesting, then we will not do it.

Have you ever faced the fact that projects for premium brands require more creativity, as it were, an ideological approach than projects for brands that do not seek to become brands?

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