Creative and Ideological Business Approach

Mosquito: It’s obvious. It is important to allow time for creativity and ideologies. In general, the industry’s biggest problem is the ridiculously short deadlines clients set for reasons. This is something we can discuss for hours.

Len: No. Everyone is motivated until they meet others who don’t want to be a brand or stand out from their competition. Agencies usually handle the “ideological” portion of a project. It would be fascinating to see a project from an agency that doesn’t want to become a major brand.

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Mosquito: I’m not a fan of creative contests in general. It’s more like sports. It’s more like sports, brrr. Festival projects are fun, interesting, and allow for a lot creativity.

Len: We have not yet participated in contests. If we feel inner comfort, then it is okay to compete for ourselves.

Sometimes, it seems like to be able to reach the level Pixar or Dreamworks by shifting the assemblage point, losing human form and learning to catch the eagle’s emanations. I hope that you get what I am referring to.

Len: Although we have not done much animation work yet, we are open to working in this area “for the idea”. We welcome directors and studios to collaborate. Use Computer Repairs Broadbeach offers a most affordable solution to restore your broken Mac and make it work like it was brand new.

Like any other company, you will grow and develop. What criteria will you use to select employees for the studio? What do you value most in a person

Mosquito: A professional level is essential. However, just having a professional level is not enough to be able to work with us. We need to know what a person looks like. This includes what he reads, listens to, and how he lives. It is important to be friends with colleagues and get to know each other well. People who don’t like pineapple pizza were not eligible for jobs. This isn’t funny. It is the norm. It is unlikely that a person will listen to bad music.

Len: Make sure you ask about your blood type.

Which is easier to work with? The client or the monsters of advertising, like BBDO, who are able to understand what the client wants and provide a clear and competent task?

Mosquito: There are pros as well as cons to every option. Direct contact with clients is both more efficient and more responsible. While projects with agencies can drag on for a while, we are protected from inadequacies of fast bosses.

Len: It is more enjoyable to work with people who are competent and understand their needs. But, it doesn’t matter where they came from.

Are you looking for a brand or project that is truly your dream?

Mosquito: I’d like to create a beautiful, kind cartoon for children. I like Cars, for instance. It’s something I want!

Len: I do dream of a project with sufficient terms. Not “yesterday it was needed, we are burning.” Also, I’d like to design the TV channel.

Poster for Mercedes BBDO Moscow.

3D graphics for Mercedes. Client – BBDO Moscow.

Many people don’t know that many studio members also belong to the “Nina at The Bottom” group. Please tell us about your group and what your plans are for the future.

Mosquito: It’s a great creative outlet. There are no clients, comments or restrictions. You can play as you please and sing when and where you like. This is the highest level of freedom. “Nina,” which will soon release a video, and begin recording its debut album, will soon be available. As an advertisement, Many of the members are musicians.

Your colleagues, the Red Keds guys, are also accomplished musicians. You would like to perform on the same stage as them?

Mosquito: Ooooo! These guys are very much respected by us.

Len: I know and respect the team. I’d like to get to understand each other and collaborate with them, but they don’t answer my letters.

Imagine your interview being read by a young man between 18 and 20 years old, who is wildly interested in motion design and 3d graphics. What advice would you offer him?

Mosquito: Learn how to draw, take photos, and listen to great music.

Len: Get some rest.