10 Most Common Computer Issues Solved

1. Computer Will Not Start

The power switch on your computer is pressed. The fans whir. The screen blinks. Then… nothing. Ouch. It’s time to troubleshoot. Is it the motherboard? Is it the motherboard? What about the operating system? If you are at home and have the time to play around with it, then get another computer and start searching for solutions. Downtime at work can be costly. These types of problems can be quickly fixed by calling an on-site computer repair company available at Laptop Repairs Jindalee site.

2. Malware (malicious software that causes major computer problems)

Malware refers to any software that compromises security or user experience on a computer. There are many malware exploits that can be used to compromise your computer’s security, including trojans and worms, DDoS attacks on browsers, keystroke loggers and browser hijackers.

Most malware’s goal is to cause havoc on the computer and steal sensitive data such as passwords and credit card numbers.

A qualified technician will install anti-malware software on your computer and teach you how to prevent infection. This is the best way to repair these malware-related computer problems.

Google estimates that 10% of all websites have malware. It pays to be secure.

3. Slow Computer

Malware is the main reason for slow computers.

Sometimes the hard drive may be inoperable or there is not enough space or memory available to allow the system to function efficiently. You can do many things to ensure your system runs smoothly.

Clear your browser cache and empty your recycle bin

Fix your drive permissions (Mac or Windows) and defragment your hard disk (Windows).

Clear your desktop of all clutter

Do not install plugins that alter the appearance of your computer. They can have a major impact on your computer’s performance.

You can uninstall any software that you no longer use

Take a look at your startup items, and get rid of any that aren’t necessary to run at startup

4. Network Problems

This is the most common problem computer technicians encounter. This problem cannot be fixed remotely. It’s known as a connectivity problem when the computer can’t connect to the internet or any other resources on the local network, such as printers and shared file sharing, etc.

5. Browser and Search Hijacking

You may have ever tried to search for something on your computer and found strange results that do not match the search terms. Most likely, you were the victim of browser hijacking.

A browser hijack basically means that your computer is infected by visiting infected websites.

The page’s software installs itself by convincing you click on something. It then hijacks your browser and redirects it through a proxy server. This proxy server attempts to collect your browsing data. These can be difficult to uninstall.

6. Software Crashing

Adobe products were well-known for this. A software crash can make it impossible to be creative and motivated after editing photos or writing documents for over an hour.

Reinstall your software if it crashes frequently. You can also search online for solutions. Google is your friend for computer problems. Visit Computer Repairs Jamboree Heights offers nothing but the best desktop computer repairs here.

7. Windows ME and Vista

This one I just threw in for fun. Many computer users have found Microsoft’s Windows ME and Windows Vista to be a problem. Windows ME is dead, but Vista will still be available for a while. My suggestion: Upgrade to Windows 7. Upgrade to Windows 7.

This upgrade will increase your computer’s performance by at least 2-3 times. Amazon offers the best upgrade price. Here’s the link to Windows 7 Home Premium. A Windows 7 Family Pack is also available for $150. This brings the upgrade cost to 50 per computer. It was well worth it, in my opinion.

8. Computer Restarts Sometimes with a BSOD

What is a BS..? BSOD stands for Blue Screen of Death. This is the name given to the blue screen that appears after a Windows operating system crash. It displays lots of white text against a blue background. This is often caused by a major hardware problem like a fan, memory or other components.

Sometimes, it is simply incorrectly installed software that causes the computer to crash.

9. Computer Screen Failure

LCD monitors were the best thing since CRT monitors.

For 99% of computer users, they were replaced outright. This is a good thing. CRT’s can be very harmful to the environment, emitting lots of radiation and are a real danger. However, LCDs are not without problems.

Sometimes, the lamp may go out and need to be replaced. Sometimes the motherboard’s graphics chip will croak and cause the screen to go black or display strange characters.

Sometimes the lamp ballast (backlights, often fluorescent lamps), can go bad and must be replaced. Modern LCD monitors use LED’s, which are more durable and consume less power. Pros are best if you have problems with your computer caused by a screen failure.

10. Strange Noise Computer Problems

A whining sound or clacking fan is more than an annoying nuisance.

This is a warning to shut down your computer before it becomes a complete failure. In the case of fan failure, this could lead to overheating and other damage to your computer’s components. This type of repair should be left to the professionals.