Top 10 Common Laptop Repairs

There are some few problems commonly associated with laptops.

Blue Screen of Death

If your screen abruptly displays white text against a blue background while working, then it’s having
some issues. If it happens only once then you are still safe. You can just reboot the computer and
continue working. If however the problem persists, it could be a serious problem you need to fix.
Thus it calls for the intervention of a professional repairer.

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Deleted Files

Files could be funny at times but really they suck. They can appear at times and disappear abruptly.
Go straight and seek your files in the recycle bin or the ‘empty’ part of the hard drive, even of you
deleted them.
You can also use Recuva software. This will help you to recover some files. It will show the images of
files it is able to recover. It may recover everything or just few or most.

Back up

You should back up your files before any problem occurs. You need to questions about backing files
up before any issues are encountered.

Protect your Privacy while you Browse

It is not cynic to protect yourself against crooks, corporations and governments when you browse.
You really need to have reasonable amount of anonymity but this requires little tricks. You can use
the private mode of your browser, and then supplement that mode with some right add-ons.
Also, you can also replace the browser with another one designed to hide your information.

Speed Up a Slow Pc without the Need to Buy New Hardware

You cannot really blame the hardware of your computer if your computer was fast before and now it
becomes slow as a snail. Speed it up by adding RAM, upgrading the CPU, or replacing the hard drive
with an SSD. Though all the solutions cost you money, none addresses the underlying issue. Your
hardware could have been overloaded. You can search and remove the software that is causing it to
be slow. Use computer repairs wynnum offering.


The combination of two antivirus programs on a system may have unpleasant effects on your
system. So just use one reliable antivirus.

Getting Pop ups all the Time

You aren’t browsing and you keep getting pop ups? That could be the handiwork of a malware
known as Adware. It could really be frustrating and be a tough nut to crack. To resolve this, run a
virus scan as well as a malware scan. You can also search Google or watch YouTube for more feasible

Constant Security Warnings while Browsing

The problem could be very annoying and frustrating bit it us a one you can fix with ease. Just go to
your clock settings and make sure that the clock is well set.

Email Attachments Issue

There are occasions when your email attachments won’t happen. This is happening possibly because
you don’t have the right software. Google what type of file it and also browse on how to open it.

Programs Malfunction

If some of the programs on your system that used to be effective suddenly start malfunctioning, and
you have just upgraded your computer, it could be that the hold programs are not compatible with
the new OS of your system.
It could also be the case that you are using an old installation file. Search the internet for a new

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