Where to get a computer repair when your staying in Brisbane

Last weekend I headed to Brisbane which is located in Queensland, Australia. My hard drive failed and would not turn on. I tried to find as many computer technician’s details as I could without luck. That is when I stumbled on Fix it Computer Repairs which fix both hardware and software problems with your computer.  Robert Krajnyk who is the CEO of Fix it computer repairs supposedly runs several other companies.

Apparently the most common computer problems can be a blue screen of death which is incredibly hard to diagnose.  What Robert usually does for something like this is that he takes your machine away and then caps it at 3 hours so that the cost of the repair doesn’t outweigh the cost of buying a machine.  Finding a good computer repair company is always going to be hard when you are traveling so, I just wanted to put this out there so that if anyone was having any issues or problems with their computer they could just call Robert and see what he can do.